Socialization through mobile applications

The usage of social network is growing exponentially day by day. This change is not spatial but throughout the world. This can be counted by numbering the people who are registering. The social media are so much sophisticated because of the android phones. And high speed internet connections and less expensive internet charges made social network easy to access across the world. The trend is catching up so fast in developed and developing countries which is having huge number of population and users.

The trend of using social websites is rapidly growing because of the android mobiles phones at the cheapest price. Earlier these social websites were used in the desktop where people have to own one or to access internet café. Now the social websites are converted to be an android app which can be easily installed in the mobile phones. The mobile internet usage is also growing much rapid speed that directly boosts the usage of social apps.

The social website users are mostly adults who used to be online all the day. What they are looking in social websites. They want a platform to communicate among the friends and sharing all kind of things through this platform. Facebook is one of the leading social website with billion subscribers throughout the world. Next comes the twitter, linkedin are having more number of people. These social app are so advanced to provide variety of options to the users. You can form a group and share information. Twitter is the popular website which connects the normal people to the celebrity. The celebrities can express their view through this media. Many of the people are using linkedin service for job search. Many of the companies HR are directly recruiting the people through this site. Apart from this many of the people using the social pages to communicate information regarding donations. Much social welfare association is utilizing the service to help people in many aspects. The other negative things are also there but more than fifty percent of people using it for good purpose. It is welcomed by many countries across the world.

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