Four Steps to Setting up your own Laptop

Have you purchased a new laptop? Getting your Windows OS installed does not mean that your laptop has been set up. There are so many more things you can do to personalize your laptop and get a more ergonomic user experience. Let the experts in computer service Milwaukee guide you on how to achieve this.

Step 1: Update your software

We hear you say, “I just installed new Windows, why do I need updates?” This is because the Windows you installed out of your kit is probably an older version. Microsoft is constantly providing patches and your laptop downloads them automatically when you go online.

At computer service in Milwaukee, the experts have noticed that automatic updates will slow down PC performance. Moreover, you need to restart to install them and most laptop users simply don’t shut down their machines that often. This is why for the first time it is best to do this step manually. Type “updates” in the search box and click “Check for updates”.

Step 2: Get your display right

Bad display hurts your eyes. Are your icons so small that you need to strain your eyes to see them? Are the graphics too large or blurry? This can be fixed using a Windows feature called display scaling.

Right click on your desktop. From the drop down menu, select “Display Settings”. A dialog box will open with a slider for adjusting size of text, apps and other items. Sliding left will make everything smaller while sliding right will make everything bigger. Experts in computer service in Milwaukee recommend an optimal scaling of 150%.

Step 3: Learn to use your digital assistant

Windows comes with a built-in assistant called Cortana that can set reminders, give sports or weather alerts, find files, etc., and can be activated with your voice. If Cortana does not understand your voice commands, it may shut down automatically or slow your PC down. This is why many experts in computer service in Milwaukee recommend either configuring Cortana properly or turning it off. For that, you need to:

  • Click in the search box
  • Click “Next” on the “Here are some of the things I can do for you” dialog box that pops open.
  • Click “Use Cortana”
  • Once you have logged in with your Microsoft account you can click on the “notebook icon” to the left and go to the “About Me” settings in Cortana.
  • Entering your name, sports, and social media information here will let Cortana notify you about updates like Facebook messages or team scores, and more in your Desktop Notifications.

Step 4: Install a good Internet Browser

Because we’ve all have had some unpleasant experiences with Microsoft browsers – Internet Explorer, namely, computer service experts in Milwaukee were initially wary of the new Microsoft Edge Browser. However, we found that it was fast, and swiftly gave Bing search results for any query typed in the address bar. We don’t mind recommending the Edge browser, but will refer to Chrome as the best browser out there.

If you’re looking for a computer service in Milwaukee, you can generally find everything from how to set up your laptop, including data transfer, optimizing performance, to customizing desktop themes.
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