Everything May Not Be Well For Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the Presidential hopeful for the Republicans is most likely to be elected as the candidate for the Republican Party. On the Democrats side it will most likely be Hillary Clinton. However, as is the case with all Presidential run ups in USA, this election also has its own share of excitements and fun. Most of the fun and frolic has come from Donald Trump including the recent release of political condoms. They have well and truly provided a comic relief to the entire run up which at times was becoming too serious as personal attacks flew here and there. Hence when we look up sites like  http://www.newsoftheodd.com/donald-trump-condoms-face-stiff-opposition/ we will know more about what exactly these political condoms are all about.

Many political campaigns in the USA have centered on the sex lives of many politicians. A few years ago the sex scandal involving Bill Clinton almost cost him his job but things were somehow settled and buried deep in the ground. In the same light the recent advertisements on condoms well and truly have added a lot of excitement and zeal to the entire campaign. Though Trump might be very controversial and divisive in his campaign he has his own share of fun and frolic to offer. His references to certain political entities as political condoms certainly have made many people laugh their heart out. However on the other side of the spectrum there are many who feel offended about it and are not taking it lying down. In fact whether they are able to drive home a political message or not, these unique and perhaps embarrassing political advertisements could give some education to those who perhaps need it the most. It could be about educating the youth about the importance of safe sex and how a condom can make this possible.

Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt that while opinions continue to be divided down the middle, there are many people who are not aligned to any side who get the best fun out of it. These groups of people are not swayed by emotions and therefore are able to look at these advertisements from a casual perspective instead of taking it in the literal sense of the term.

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