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The cloud-hosting platform can make your website strong and secure

Charles Darwin had proposed the theory of the survival of the fittest. He might have based his findings on the data available to him at that time. However, knowingly or unknowingly, he has hit the nail on the head. His theory is very effective in practically all occupations. This includes the web-hosting platforms as well. The traditional HDD web-hosting platforms have given way to the modern SSD cloud-hosting platforms. The advantages of these platforms are many. Therefore, you can see many such cloud-hosting platforms coming up in recent times. One of the earliest ones to enter the field is Adroitssd.

The greatest advantage of the SSD is the speed with which you can access the website. The cloud environment ensures that there would be no downtime or uptime loss when you upgrade your website from the traditional HDD to the cloud-based SSD. The Storage Area Network (SAN) concept ensures that you have faster access time and speeds than before. This would enable more people to browse your websites thereby increasing its popularity. A hugely popular website would naturally attract a higher volume of traffic. This would have a positive effect on the search engine rankings. An improved ranking can fuel the overall growth of the company by ensuring a greater number of leads and conversions.

Adroitssd has a plan for every kind of business. For a start-up enterprise, the lowest priced plan would be enough. The established ones can avail the higher plans. The best part of Adroitssd is that you can seamlessly change from one plan to another. Naturally, the smaller plans would be for the smaller websites. As and when the business grows and expands. The enterprise can switch over to the higher plans without any hassles. The difference in the plans would be the storage memory and the speed. The higher priced plans have the capacity of hosting more number of domains as well. All the other facilities remain the same across the board.

The business enterprises give great importance to the security aspect of their data. The traditional HDD plans offered a decent level of security. This was not enough for the enterprises. This is also one of the main reasons of business enterprises switching over to the better modes of hosting such as Adroitssd. This cloud-hosting solution has a very high degree of security. They have robust firewall systems that do not allow any kind of malware to penetrate the system. This is a positive aspect of the SSD. It scores over the HDD in many ways. This entails that the Adroitssd packages remain safe at all times.

This cloud-hosting service comes with a cPanel interface. The GUI is very easy to use. You would be able to manage all the applications and files with ease. You do not require any kind of coding knowledge to do so. This aspect would be of great interest to the businesses start-up units. They would be able to use the interface without compromising on the business schedule. These are some of the attractive features of the Adroitssd.

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