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Facebook Advertising – Is it a worthy Platform?

With millions of users, signing in and out a couple of times a day, Facebook has turned to become one of the most popular social platform that caters all types of interaction from chatting to Video-calling. We all use Facebook for a variety of purpose like sharing a photo, status, news, events, memories etc. We also like, share and comment to show our personal opinion about the above mentioned things. We also laugh and giggle at hilarious memes, which are highly trending on this platform.

Moving all this to one side, is there anything more to it? Anything more that can be performed on this platform? As said, there are tons of users entering the site at various times in a day for a variety of purposes. Can this be advantageous to make massive benefits? Can Facebook advertising be a good platform for advertisers?

  1. What is advertising on Facebook and how does it function?

As you all know, Facebook has tons of users doing various things. This platform therefore can be highly beneficial for advertising as it has large number of potential users who might need various things. Hence, this type of Facebook advertising is helping both the advertiser as well as Facebook Company to earn huge profits. Nowadays, Facebook is available in a variety of devices with the most popular one to be in desktops and Smartphones. On the desktop version of Facebook, users can see sponsored ads on the right side of the page, and in smartphone versions, they often appear on timelines.

Another great benefit of this advertising platform is that the ads are mostly viewed to particular groups. This means that, if a particular ad is targeted to a specific age category, it will only be displayed in their respective timelines or desktop pages. This is highly beneficial, as ads reach where they are really targeted at.

In addition to this, this advertising method also aims specific locations. This helps the ads to reach more efficiently to their potential users and benefit the advertiser.

However, Facebook charges a small fee for each ad the user places. Users are in full control and are able to set daily limits for the ads to meet the user’s specific cash budgets and hence, users don’t have to settle a lengthy receipt which they don’t require in the first place.


  1. Why is advertising on Facebook a good option?

The platform is getting better day by day with the introduction of new innovations. With the introduction of custom audiences, ads are reaching more to their potential audiences. Ads are being widely placed on Smartphone versions as smartphones are highly used these days than any other devices.

Setting up a business page on Facebook for your venture can help your business reach a wider audience in addition with the advertisings. It’s because, if one users likes or shares the page, his friends or families come across it in their news feed and this cycle goes on and heavily benefits the owner. You will end up with better sales and profits and may be, in a shorter period of time.

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