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Types of CCTV camera systems that are widely used

CCTV cameras are used for a number of purposes in a number of places. There are eight different types of CCTV cameras that are available in the stores in the market. There are a number of stores that sell the best cctv Singapore depending on the preference of the buyer.

Doom CCTV cameras are those that are very commonly used for the purpose of indoor security and its various surveillance applications. These cameras have the name because of their dome shape housing. This housing forms the protective layer of the camera. The major purpose of this dome shaped exterior is to make the camera unobtrusive. This makes the camera to be visible clearly without hiding it. Bullet CCTV cameras other type that are cylindrical with a tapered shape and are long. These cameras look like a rifle bullet. They are suitable for places where long distance viewing is necessary. These cameras are not designed to have a zoom, tilt or pan control. They are just used to capture images being fixed in one location. These cameras are pointed at a single location and captures images that appear in that location only. C-mount CCTV camera being the other type has lenses that can be detached so they can fit to be used in different applications. With these cameras, special lenses can also be used that can cover longer distances than the normal lenses. The day/night CCTV cameras can be used even in the poorly lit environments. These cameras come without an infrared illuminator as they are capable to capturing clear images and videos in the dark.

Meaning of home improvement

Home improvement is usually the addition to a place or the alteration of that place that includes improvement of the space, conversion of it into another space or modernizing it. Even remodeling or repairing a place or home comes under home improvement. Reliable Singapore home improvement even involves the replacement of a part of a building or the building as a whole that was designed for the purpose of a residence or as a dwelling place. It can also be a structure that is adjacent or near to the building that is in context. The improvement of a land that is near the building that is considered is also categorized as home improvement. Home improvement is usually done in order to give a new look to the place in order to make it welcoming and relaxing that it was in the past.

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